Brew fresh authentic chai at the push of a button

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Only device in the world designed to brew authentic chai
at the push of a button without compromising
ingredients or taste.

Chime combines the traditional, hand-crafted process of making
chai with our passion for product design and technology.

Just 3 Minutes to brew your perfect cup

And only 20 seconds to clean


Choose Size, Strength,
Milk Ratio & Frothiness


Add Chai Cap &
Milk of Choice


Press Go!

Pour and Enjoy

Count on Chime for a fully customizable cup of chai, tailored to your liking in the comfort of your home or office. A cup of chai is a cup of peace. Find your bliss with Chime.

Chime Caps

No Powders, Concentrates or Sugar

Fresh, Natural tea leaves and spices, sealed in a recyclable cap. Each cap is nitrogen flushed while sealing to
maintain the freshness of tea and spices until you are ready to brew.




Cardamom – Ginger


Chime First Impressions

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Mobile App

  • Connect with chime using Bluetooth
  • Personalize your recipe
  • Make your chai with any chime

The App gives you powerful control to create your own recipes. you can push your recipes to any Chime, so you can enjoy your perfect cup of chai anywhere.