Origins are everything, which is why we selectively source our tea from the best tea gardens in upper Assam and Darjeeling, because only the best ingredients can make the best cup of chai

Tea selected from the best tea gardens of upper Assam and Darjeeling

Spices are selected from the
best plantations in Kerala

Our tea experts are picky. They evaluate blends based on having the right
strength, aroma, and color for your cup of chai.

Chime Caps

The Chime caps are nitrogen flushed, meaning, the caps have less oxygen to oxidize the tea, so the tea and spices remain fresh until the time you are ready to brew. This makes the freshest cup of chai possible!


Assam Black Tea

Timeless for a reason. Savor this black tea from radiant Assam anytime.



Delight in the district and alluring flavor of cardamon with black tea in this classic pairing.



Rejoice in the well known benefits of ginger against the rich backdrops of our flavorful black tea.


Cardamom – Ginger

Ginger and Cardamom come together in a glorious union with black tea to stimulate your senses.



Treat yourself to the splendors of cardamom, ginger, cloves and cinnamon in a lively blend with black tea.